Our history

Since the late 1960s, the Malinconico family has been in the transport business.
Mr Ciro Malinconico founded this business by transporting goods for third parties, and his sons, Giovanni and Agostino, took it over in the second half of the 1990s.
Thanks to the father’s farsightedness and his sons’ ambition, they decided to combine the petroleum products transport with the petrochemical products transport, immediately finding new niches in the Italian chemical market, and this is how M.D. srl was founded.
An essential element of the company is its focus on the constant changes in the market demand, which allowed it to grow, and which led to the development and improvement of both all-road and intermodal transport.
In the early 2000s, the management of M.D. Srl added a further innovative element by directing part of its investments into the waste industry, at first operating exclusively in the transport segment and later extending its business into the waste disposal industry, offering clients industrial cleaning services and contaminated tanks reclamation as well.

Innovating and renewing in the tradition means diversifying but without dispersion, and investing in training and technology.
The company has two modern facilities.
The first one is located in the industrial area of Naples on a surface of about 3.7 acres, where, in addition to offices, a large car park, washing area, equipped workshop, etc., a set of utilities, such as a steam heating system, electricity, etc., are also available. This area serves as a terminal for the storage of Containers and Tank Containers to support the major intermodal operators too.
The second site is located in the industrial hub of Livorno, on an area of about 1.23 acres, which has a large parking area for trucks and offices.

Logistics & Transport Services


Established in 1988, thanks to M.D. S.r.l.’s experience in the transport of petroleum products, liquid and solid chemicals, and ADR-classified dangerous goods, it has developed its activities both at national and international level.

We offer the following logistics and transport services:
  • Road transport
  • Intermodal transport (sea/rail)
  • Waste transport & disposal


M.D. Management focused its policy on the values of shared leadership and planned responsibility. It has recently started an important process of improving its image and increasing the quality of its services.
All stakeholders’ expectations are assessed and the analysis of activities is also pursued through a more active involvement of suppliers, up to and including the management of post-validation situations.

Our policy focuses on:
  • Creating and providing high Quality services, in an efficient, effective and flexible manner, so as to meet the client needs and expectations, while achieving the necessary profit for the continuous development and improvement of the company
  • Aiming to eliminate inefficiencies, with a zero-oriented level of non-compliance as the primary goal
  • Developing deep integration in the company, both vertically and horizontally, through education and training at all levels and ongoing improvement
  • Adapting the company to the client needs by analysing the quality of the service provided
  • Complying with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements for the services offered, the means used and the company facilities, with regard to environmental protection, and the protection of workers’ health and safety
  • Assessing the significance of environmental impacts and risks to workers’ health and safety, and incorporating the results into management practice and when setting corporate development goals
  • Training all internal staff and suppliers who play a significant role, and raising awareness of our principles and working methods among them.


Quality certifications are the prelude to a competitive and conscious company approach. The completion of programmes to comply with the SQAS safety ISO 14001 environmental standards reflect MD’s commitment to creating a professional environment characterised by high quality standards.

The company’s aim is to provide a service that meets the quality and reliability requirements of its clients, as well as to safeguard the safety of its own employees, third parties and clients. The company adopts a company management system based on Quality, Safety and respect for the Environment and has obtained the following certifications/attestations over the years: